Portfolio Reflection

There are only four pieces on my portfolio blog, but they represent my wide-range as a writer. I have a research paper that I created my own Amendment for, one of my favorite poems, a published journalism article, and an interesting way to have an about me section. The home page's topic was what would you title your life and why. I am extremely proud of all of these completed pieces. I hope you enjoy!

1) If you could have given yourself one piece of advice freshman year when you were heading into the writing program, what would you have told your former self? In particular, what advice would you have given yourself about how to make the most of your time in order to develop as a person and as a writer?

I came to college knowing I wanted to be a writer; in particular I insisted I was going to be a journalist, and for the most part my goal has not changed. If I could go back and tell myself something about Champlain’s writing program I would have told myself not to limit my writing style; to come into college with an open mind. I have discovered that I enjoy writing poetry. I made a serious decision when I chose to attend Champlain for a writing program, rather then go to a school for strictly journalism. Looking back, I now know that this was the best decision for my first two years of college to take as many different writing courses as I possibly could, because I can now focus on the style I wish to peruse.

2) What one event or experience have you had this semester that has helped you grow as a writer?

The experience that has made me a better writer this semester is not over yet. It has to do with my third journalism article. I had a topic with no story, and I have figured out how to find a story that will be intriguing to a reader. The story is not finished, but I am learning from the process. I have learned not to give up on an idea, but just tweak it if it doesn’t work, and that is probably the most valuable thing I could learn in the journalism field. It is up to me to go out and find the story I want to write about.

3) What do you feel your greatest achievement as a writer since you’ve been in college? How do you know it's an achievement? Do you have any regrets? Anything you would have changed?

There is nothing that I would change, and I don’t have any regrets. I am glad I chose to attend Champlain and get a taste of the different writing styles. I feel like my greatest achievement will be getting my Vermont Cares article published. This will be an achievement that I will be able to accomplish after I turn it in on Friday. If and when it is published it will be my greatest accomplishment to date, because it is something I have worked really hard on, and something that is very important to me sentimentally.

4) What do you think is the biggest challenge student writers face? How have you overcome this or plan to overcome it?

For me, the biggest challenge as a student writer is to balance writing for myself as well as for school. I am working on this by writing poetry in my spare time, and also by coming up with articles that I want to write this summer. I have a few good ideas to start building my portfolio, and next year I can work on writing articles in my spare time, because if I stay at Champlain I will not be in a journalism class next semester. I really need to think about article pieces that will really help me start to build a solid portfolio.

5) What writing goals have you set up for the summer/next semester? What steps have you taken to accomplish those goals? Why did you decide to set those goals?

My main goal is to start building up my journalism portfolio. I have an idea for a long-term article to write this summer. I would write it close to the end of summer after I have experienced living in a new city. It is going to be all about how to navigate a new city. This includes how Boston’s public transportation works. This idea came about because I am moving to a new city and living on my own. All I have so far is the idea, but once I move into my new place I can start taking notes. I think this will be an interesting journalism piece.

Also, I have my summer internship at Dewy Square Group in Boston. They are a company that takes the idea of grassroots campaigning and shares it with the marketing and advertising world. This will be a great experience, and all three founders of the company have worked heavily in politics. This will also help further my career working in the political field.

6) At this point, what methods have you been using to get your writing out there? How has this worked for you? What are the pros and cons?

So far I have only submitted to the Champlain Current and the Parent Newsletter, but I have pieces published both places. They are good outlets for getting my work out there but only to a very small community. It would be better if it were a bigger audience to get more recognition. I am about to start sending my journalism pieces and poems out to larger newspapers and magazines, which will broaden my audience and look better when applying for a third internship.

7) Imagine yourself on the point of graduating, two years down the road from now. Imagine yourself looking back over the past four years. What do you hope to be able to say?

I hope to have a portfolio that I am proud of. Also, I hope to have internships under my belt that will help me get to Washington D.C. I am well on my way to accomplishing this, because I have my second internship this summer. This is my ultimate goal to work in politics. In four years if I graduate and get into the graduate I want to attend for political science then I will be able to say that I went to college and accomplished my goal successfully.